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Violet Lim: I did quite a number of attachments at law firms.So I made known to my boss then that I was interested in family law, so he brought me to court for divorce cases and he let me read all the case files. It was a legal letter that we wrote for a client and it said: “I'm writing on behalf of my client to inform you to pick up your son at 3pm on some date at school.”Bharati: This was the ex-wife and ex-husband talking to each other. And I was just thinking to myself that it’s so sad that a relationship has broken down so much that you can't even just tell that to each other.And in fact with the capital that we had accumulated, we could get quite a nice office but when we finally decided on one, we realized it wasn’t going to be so easy.It’s just that instead of saying "I do" to getting married, you’re saying "I do" to getting divorced. Then when I was at the bank, I realized that my banker colleagues who were all very eligible, were alone only because they didn’t have time to date.So I thought they would appreciate a matchmaking agency that catered to their needs and helped find them matches more efficiently. Busy professionals looking for love needed help and she could help provide it.




DEALING WITH STIGMABharati: When you started the business, while you managed to get investors with enough foresight to put in about S0,000, you had challenges that really showed there was a stigma attached to professional matchmaking services.

Lim: Yes, when we first started the business we wanted to look for an office. At that time, there was an economic crisis and the rentals were all coming down.


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