Lynksis router validating


That list includes a number of actions, like changing the default password, that are common to all routers and thus not in the list below.If you care about securing a router, look for it to have the features below.dick, photos, piano performance, posthuman, prokofiev, prokofiev piano sonata no.The most expert person in the world can only make a router as secure as the firmware (router OS) allows.On the Linksys router admin page, go to Setup Art (52) Birthdays (7) Cinema (168) Concerts (36) Culture & Society (319) Current Interests (116) Environmentalism (3) Home Network & Gadgets (49) Internet (36) Language & Literature (185) Misc (101) Movie week (12) Music (283) Personal (126) Phonebot (3) Phones (12) Politics (205) Programming (128) Religion (3) Science & Technology (184) Space (2) Today's reading list (27) Where was I?


This is not a list of things to do to make a router more secure.

[ updated ] Had to update to a newer Linksys router (E1000) and discovered that you cannot configure it with multiple, comma-delimited DDNS domains.

After firmware updates etc., I found this article confirming that the E1000 and E2000 don't allow it but the E3000 (+$$$s) does.

Sadly, reviews of routers never discuss any of this.


Default passwords are a huge problem for routers and should not be allowed. Eventually, someone figures out the formula for creating that password and can often use that, combined with public information from the router, to derive the password. A malicious person on your network is bad enough, but we need to prevent them from being able to modify the router.

The router also needs to be protected from malicious web pages that exploit CSRF bugs.


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