I am very sorry that, when your country sent you out to rally EU countries, for some of the issues you raised, they didn't play ball, they allowed Eastern block (loungers) countries to dictate the game, but you steadfastly did your utmost best, based on your brilliant foresight to forewarn the EU of the outcomes in the event they didn't take your please serious.I am very proud to have had witnessed what a great leader you are, probably one of the smartest in our time, once again I am sorry your EU partners refused to see the bigger picture, as a direct result your efforts to remain in the EU were exhausted.And thank you also for showing us what a true democrat you were, for allowing your fellow countrymen/women a voice to decide.


Mogwa - I don't think the markets will go crazy, because of this.

They knew he would probably resign and he will only be going in a few months. As long as they know who will take over, they will be okay with it Mr Cameron, normally I am not 'conservative' type of political animal, but you were one of the brightest leaders Europe could hope for.


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