Madonna dating sean penn


says that the struggle to regain custody of Rocco has actually bonded Madonna and Sean Penn.Although Rocco has allegedly blocked his mother on Instagram, that hasn’t stopped her from posting photos of Rocco and reaching out to her fans for support.Oversharing on social media was allegedly one of the complaints Rocco had about Madonna.But it is possible that it is a coincidence Madonna and Penn have been seen together around the same time that Rocco Ritchie jumped ship to go live with his father, Guy Ritchie, in the U.K., and it’s unlikely that fans will ever really know the truth about the way all of this drama unfolded.



Is the rebirth of Madonna’s relationship with Sean Penn the real reason behind Rocco Ritchie taking off to stay with his father, Guy Ritchie?

Although that aspect of the conflict has been kept under wraps, Rocco is allegedly less than thrilled with the reunion of Madonna and former husband Sean Penn.


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