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I love meeting new people, learning new languages, exploring the city, and since I'm not used to getting a lot of free time I … I'm 21 yo polish girl , I am new in Madrid and little bit lost over here. Hello there, I am getting a master´s degree in Spain at the moment but I am from Latin America. Like attending church, reading from time to time, taking part in church activities.Soldier or sailor, single or married, lovers or chillers - who hasn’t met up at Madrid’s Puerta del Sol (Door of the Sun)?This magical city has something for everyone: wandering through the picturesque Parque del Retiro; contemplating the goddess Cibeles in her fountain; shopping; marvelling at the architecture of the Gran Vía; enjoying a show at the Latina Theatre or, for the more daring, a visit to the amusement park.Also, during my day off I like walking on the beach, cicling, swimming, helping my parents.


A bookworm who enjoys spending her time in libraries & debate with other people . I'd love to meet new people from any part of the world, I like to have fun and also do calm things.. Learning Spanish rather quickly and hoping to continue my stay here for longer than the next year. My personal email: [email protected] am 19, and i currently live in Madrid although I am moving to England in September as I will start University in London.

All this and much more can be found in Madrid, and enjoyment shared is enjoyment doubled, whether you’re with that special person or a good friend. Maybe a new love to bring the sparkle back to your life? You’ll find all this and more on Badoo, today's hottest social network.

Hundreds of thousands already have - and it's totally free.

I want to find someone to share time with :) I'm 5'7" (171cm), my weight is 53 and I'm girly. I used to be a lawyer, now I work as a business developer and I have my own business . I love nature, hiking and trekking, tennis and as soon as I have … I'm from the United States but moving to Madrid, Spain for Graduate school so I'm definitely looking to meet new people and get acquainted with the city a little more.


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