Magazine article on dating violence


The man—or what was left of him—emerged from the Irish sod one winter day in 2003, his hair still styled the way he wore it during his last moments alive.

The back was cropped short; the top, eight inches long, rose in a pompadour, stiffened with pine resin. Spotted in the industrial-size sieve of a peat processing plant, he was naked, his head wrenched sharply to the left, his legs and lower arms missing, ripped away by the machine that had dug him from a bog in the townland of Clonycavan.

His head and trunk carried marks of deliberate violence, inflicted before he was cast into the mire: His nose had been broken, his skull shattered, his abdomen sliced open.


Gods inhabited bogs; so did restless outcast spirits.

Others are phantoms: Last year two scholars published an article called “Imaginary People” in a German archaeology journal.


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    Multiple men want a piece of her, so it’s harder to get private with her.

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    These records give a precise estimation of how much radioactive carbon there was in the atmosphere in any given year, and could help increase the accuracy of how we estimate the age of fossils.

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    Escort agencies often recruit individuals to work as escorts by placing employment advertisements in a magazine or newspaper.

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    During the Triassic period, the four-legged creatures dwarfed most other species, stretching 12 to 18 feet long.

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    Dean Powell, aged 49, the oldest of the group and of Rickyard Piece, Quinton, received nine months because he entered a guilty plea at a later stage in proceedings.

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    It was not unlike getting a foot massage or a pedicure. Both parties treated each other with the utmost respect and mutual honour.

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    The last paragraph of tonight’s Gospel from John sums this all up well. How about to the point of washing the feet of the other sinners, enemies or others in our lives that we cannot stand to face?

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