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She is best known for playing the role as Zhen Lei in the action film Mission: Impossible III, along side with Tom Cruise and as Mai Linh in the Bruce Willis action film Live Free or Die Hard.

Margaret Denise Quigley, professionally known as Maggie Q, is an American actress, animal rights activist and former fashion model.

Mini Biography Maggie Denise Quigley was born to a Polish-Irish American father (originally based in New York) and a Vietnamese mother. Maggie has two older step-siblings from her mother`s previous marriage, and two older sisters.

The family moved to Hawaii and settled in Mililani.

Later, she made her film debut in the horror film Model from Hell, where she starred as Anna.

She had a cameo in the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker smash hit Rush Hour 2 (2001) and is part of the supporting cast in Mission: Impossible III (2006), starring Tom Cruise. Although she is actually Vietnamese-American (born and raised in Hawaii), Maggie pursued modeling careers first in Japan, then Taiwan, then Hong Kong.

IMDb Mini Biography By: aerithyuna2004 (with C-Minor edits) Trivia Of Vietnamese and Irish-American descent. Was a fashion model and television personality before she became a movie actress. Her transition into acting was almost coincidental and since then she has become both a top model and actress in Hong Kong, along with garnering a certain amount of fame across Asia. Was cast in Live Free or Die Hard (2007) without an audition.

For her first several Hong Kong films, since Maggie could not actually speak Cantonese - she actually had to learn her lines phonetically. Mentions in an interview that her favorite food is Vietnamese food, since that`s the food she grew up with at home. Is Eurasian like fellow actresses Devon Aoki, China Chow, Kelly Hu, Traycee King, Kristin Kreuk, Jaymee Ong and actors Andrew Johnston, Brandon Lee, Keanu Reeves, Anthony Begonia, Rob Schneider, Russell Wong, and Michael Wong.


Margaret Denise Quigley is a 37 years old, an American actress and model and better known by her professional name Maggie Q.

She graduated from Mililani High School and won the title of Best Body senior year.


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