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Learn more SML proudly promotes and practices sustainability whereever and whenever possible.

From energy conservation, to green energy technology (solar panels, wind turbine), to water consveration, recyling, and on-island composting – Appledore residents strive to be sustainable island stewards.

* Line Numbers: All non-reserved vehicles and trucks leaving Vinalhaven are required to have a Line Number. Ferry does not operate at these times on New Years Day.

The campus includes dorm-style housing, a main common area and dining hall, as well as research laboratories and waterfront operations.

Learn More A coastal Maine island with rocky shores, intertideal environments and unique terrestrial habitats, Appledore Island boasts a long human history dating back to coastal Native Americans and colonial fishing fleets.

SML offers undergraduate college courses and courses for high school students, in addition to providing research opportunities for student interns and members of the broader scientific community.



Learn More This restored, historic island garden is the most celebrated, cultural icon of Appledore Island.Maintained by the Shoals Marine Laboratory's staff, the public is welcome to visit the garden on guided tours.


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