Mandating nurse


All of them need care, and they deserve expert care.

But many healthcare facilities are chronically-understaffed. Rather than investing in ways to keep good nurses on the job, most hospitals and nursing homes simply force their existing workers to work more, work longer, work harder and eventually, burn out.

In other words, mandatory overtime is legal for most employees.

If you don’t like how many hours your boss makes you work, you’re only viable option is to quit.

Thankfully, a number of states have stood up to mandatory overtime in the healthcare industry, either prohibiting the practice altogether or severely limiting an employer’s ability to require extra hours.

In most industries, forced overtime is perfectly legal.

But for workers in the healthcare industry, the situation may be different.

Not only does mandatory overtime exploit nurses, it threatens patient safety.Numerous studies have found that increasing a nurse’s hours raises the risk of errors and adverse events.


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