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And it's something a couple really has to decide together.

BH: You write that you once told a potential boyfriend, “I ain't no hoochie mama”!

Her routines with partner Mark Ballas have spanned an impressive repertoire - from barnyard dancing to ballroom dancing..

Several of these hot numbers, albeit done in a classy and elegant way, surely made granddad Phil sweat.

We've been dating for 10 months now, so he's like a part of the family. When I'm in Louisiana, it's a seven-hour drive away, and when I'm in L. He's not perfect but he strives to be, and that's all I can ask for. BH: You list rules to help in saving sex for marriage: “Stay out of each other's bedrooms,” “Pray before each date.” Tough to follow?

SR: Here's the deal: People are like, “It must be easy for you because you're Christian.” That doesn't make it any easier for me.

SR: I don't really date guys who don't feel the same way. interview, Sadie also talks about her dream of adopting a Ugandan child, and her plans after high school, which include attending Harding University in Arkansas.

It's going to be way harder if we went into a relationship having different opinions about that. He's raised in the same kind of family as I am, the same kind of church. Currently, Sadie Robertson has captured the heart of America with her spirited routines on Dancing with the Stars.

BH: But your dad - who weighed in on your prom dress line - feels strongly about keeping your costumes modest, right? BH: Did he do that with your boyfriend, Blake Coward, who's 18? My boyfriend lives in Alabama, so Papaw Phil has only met him a couple of times.

SR: That annoys me when people say they're “daddy-approved.” It's not that it's a rule, it's just out of respect - not just for my dad, but God. The first time, the only thing he said to Blake all day was, “You hurt her, I'll hurt you.

I'm watching you like a hawk, and I'll break your legs if you do anything to her.” Blake was like, “Yes, sir, all right!

” But my dad loves him, the whole family loves him. He's a great guy who really has a heart searching for God.


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