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But holy cow: My wife is still a person, she still has needs that are at least as important as mine, and I am called to serve her as Christ serves the church.I fail a lot, but if I’m not sacrificing my needs for hers then I’m not doing a very good job.It was like watching a film–something I cannot really explain but the kind of revelation I sometimes receive…Had I known about this sin, I would not have married her.But God told me to marry Grace, I loved her, I had married her as a Christian, we were pregnant, and I was a pastor with a church plant filled with young people who were depending on Mark and Grace Driscoll, there was a certain expectation.TB was expecting something irritating, something provocative and something worthy of the “Crazy Mark Driscoll” pet name I use to refer to the Mars Hill (Seattle) pastor. This book is an astoundingly unbelievable work of disrespect for women. Men and women are different, generally have different gifts and abilities and both are valuable.




(11-12)Day after day, for what became years, I spent hours meeting with people untangling the sexual knots in their life, reading every book and every section of the Bible I could find that related to their needs…I had a church filled with single young women who were asking me how they could stop being sexually ravenous and wait for a Christian husband, then I’d go home to a wife whom I was not sexually enjoying.One particularly low moment occurred when a newly saved married couple came in to meet with me. She took charge of the meeting, explained how she really liked her body and sex, and proceeded to take out a list of questions she had about what was acceptable as a Christian for her to do with her husband.


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    In the early stages of a relationship, texting as the primary method of communication is perfectly OK and even preferred by many women. I would probably say something in response like, “Hey, handsome, howya been? If she says yes, text her and tell her you plan to call her at a specific time, and follow through. Most women feel this way and will likely wait for you to call or text her first.

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    You have no control over who he ultimately wants or is looking for.

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