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See more from, Father Brendan Hughes, CMRI Leonard Anaya, Robert Valente, David Goldstein, cartoons, more news articles and announcements.

Ana Maggio reports on a protest rally opposing the contraceptives mandate.

in review, a look at calamities, religious news, government, politics, economy, and health news of the past year. Michael Oswalt (former Conciliar priest,) Griff Ruby, Hugh Miller, Fr. Twisted Tales is a guest editorial that lays bare two articles written about Christ the King Abbey, one by Fr. On our science page Miller touches on a few subjects: Darwin defeated, rocks tell the creative story, and earth centered universe.

The sources and footnotes from our articles are well-referenced and provided in live links for the PDF. Read news and articles from a truly Catholic perspective: Benedict retires, Francis elected, Novus Ordo (i.e. Michael Oswalt, John Lane, Griff Ruby, Mario Derksen, Science writer Hugh Miller, David Goldstein, CJ Strain, and more.

new order) the two-headed religious body (that is, two popes), marriage, priesthood, abortion, the Rosary, Saints, Ask Father Athanasius, and features including churches built centuries before there were Protestants. Read six of the last articles of our dear writer Robert Valente (RIP). Michael Oswalt talks about little things God uses to bring us to the truth.

Our News Bullets target Omahas successful archery team and a number of other news stories you may have missed.

The Voice of the Papacy continues about atheistic . Mario Derksen, MA writes about Capital Punishment in his new column Making Sense. Michael Oswalt gives us another glimpse of the Novus Ordo.


The Four Marks editorial looks at enduring history and how it leads to the true Faith. Athanasius answers questions on why Latin was dropped, tithing and more. David Goldsteins letters tell us about the Sabbath, the day of rest and answers the questions most asked about this. Edmund Sheridans News Bullets asks, To serve and protect?

There are also other features including cartoons, Friday Menus and many other news stories. The missing sign of the Churchs authority Actions speak louder than words considers the history and significance of a kingly gift presented to Benedict 16.


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