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We fell in love and after six months of dating decided to get married.

We had an intimate wedding attended by close friends and family," Rhys explained."Unfortunately, shortly after our marriage we started to grow apart and ultimately decided to end our relationship.

“I have been separated from my wife for over two years and we are in the final stages of getting a divorce," Rhys told us.

"Coming on the show has been my way of getting back into dating.

As for how he feels about the concept of marriage now that he has a failed one under his belt? To be perfectly honest, I love the idea of having that strong connection with someone but I actually think marriage is a bit of an old institution that needs some reform.""I’m not a big believer in the actual technical side of marriage but the relationship side I am."Check out au for the latest on all Data = {"entity":{"content Tags":["tv:tv_program: The Bachelorette"],"campaign":[],"body":[{"type":"paragraph","label":"Paragraph","content":"After [*Woman's Day* exclusively revealed the 29-year-old's scandalous past]( it appears there's more to Rhys' fascinating back story.\n\n Sources have revealed to *Woman's Day* that the model and part-time topless waiter is actually still married.\n\n The *Bachelorette* star has also confirmed the news to *Woman's Day*.

I have explained my situation to Georgia for being here and she understands my reasons.”WATCH: Sam and Rhys lock horns. Since his split from Kelsi, Rhys says he's been single for two years.

“It’s been a while since I’ve really given a girl some time.

I’ve found it hard being interested or to stay attracted to anyone.



We have been separated for two years and are currently in the process of finalising our divorce.""Kelsi has since moved back to the United States and we are no longer in contact. I have no hard feelings towards her and I wish her the very best for the future," Rhys added. Our insider spilled that the woman, who potentially could stop Georgia Love from getting her happily ever after, is an American."They began dating [here], but then her visa was up so they married," they explained.

And the romantic wedding sounds completely rose-worthy, taking place in his hometown of Brisbane by the South Bank river in July 2014.

Speaking about his past, Rhys told us it was a whirlwind romance which ended in heartache.

“Kelsi and I met in Queensland almost three years ago.

But sadly things went south fast and by late August, 2014, they had separated.would indicate, things didn't go to plan with his wife."It didn't work out so she moved back to America and he was trying to have it annulled. Our source also revealed that despite his heartbreak, Rhys was ready to find love last year."He also applied to be on about his secret marriage, Rhys insisted the divorce proceedings were still underway and he hopes to find love on the show.


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