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Many argue that applying the mental health diagnosis of “sex addict” gives badly behaving people a pass—permission to act like a jerk without assuming any responsibility for their actions.

When these men seek rehab, they again become punch lines.

While the circumstances of each man’s sexual transgressions vary dramatically, and the truth of these matters may never be known, the media quickly labeled all three as “sex addicts.” Their actions provoked a flood of sensational stories (often of questionable accuracy), opinion (ditto) and, inevitably, humor of the late-night talk-show genre about what is in fact a serious mental health condition that destroys lives.

Imagine the media playing fast-and-loose with people who are addicted to alcohol or heroin or even food.

So part of my philosophy is to remember that these feelings I get before work...

From Tiger Woods to Anthony Wiener, most bold-faced names who get caught with their pants down blame their actions on sex addiction, while the public largely scoffs at the label.

One problem is that the label "sex addiction" in all too easily applied to pretty much any sexual behavior that usually results in negative consequences to successful, powerful, famous men—people who stand to lose a great deal when caught their with their pants down.


However, a little bit into my job, I seem to start feeling better.

Yet without psychological help,people who are addicted to sex only rarely recovers on their own.


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