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I will need to have this TV turn on and off every day automatically.I will then need for the slideshow to turn on automatically.Manually scroll through or set your photos to music for a slideshow.We walk you through each of these options in the video.


As you can see, it's there's no reason to make everyone crowd around a tiny display when it's so easy to share them on your big-screen TV.I have a Samsung 6000 Smart Tv that I would like to set up for viewing photos and accessing apps. Unfortunately, it is not wifi-ready but I do have wifi n my house. I want to set up a TV in a remote location where I can set up a slideshow on it.On most TVs, like the Panasonic Viera in the video, inserting the SD card, USB cable or USB flash drive will automatically launch the TV’s photo viewing app.From there, you can choose to view photos, videos or a combination of both.


Here are four simple ways you can view your pictures and videos on your TV.

There’s no need to crowd around the 3-inch displays found on today’s cameras and camcorders, or even your computer, when it’s so easy to show off your photos and videos on your big-screen TV.


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