Martin henderson dating 2016

With Owen mad that his enemy was performing surgery on his mother’s man, Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), along with the rest of the MDs, was overly curious about Hunt and Riggs’ relationship — so Mer ended up talking to Mama Hunt to get some insight, which then stirred up a major fight between Dr.Grey and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) who said she’s not being loyal to her — ending with Mer telling Derek’s sister that she wants her to move out of her house.A big fire brought tons of injured firefighters into the hospital, marking Bailey’s (Chandra Wilson) first huge crisis since assuming her role as chief.Among the firefighters was Owen’s mother’s boyfriend, who ended up being treated by Nathan, much to Owen’s dismay.Based on tonight’s episode, we have to assume that Nathan was heavily romantically involved with Owen’s sister, and something went terribly wrong. There’s a reason why you’re a journalist — your instincts are impeccable! [Laughs.] In typical “Grey’s” fashion, the mystery is sort of going to build very slowly throughout the episodes.In the midst of her messy divorce with Ben Affleck and custody battle for their three kids, the actress has found a “friend” in Martin Henderson, her co-star in a new movie titled Miracles From Heaven.According to a new report in Star magazine, the chemistry between Jen and Martin is undeniable, and they have been inseparable over the course of the last few weeks.



Later in the episode, Amelia ended up going to the bar with Riggs after her fight with Mer, and although she declined a beverage from the new doc, the former alcoholic ended up ordering a drink for herself.

Another duo fighting during the midseason finale were Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers).


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