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My main areas of expertise are saxophone(s) though I have taught many instruments including, guitar, bass, piano, oboe and drums to name a few.

I have also done research on horns both vintage and new.



I have been in music education for 25 years and I have written and published in the subject of professional music education.Publications The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Business Journal, Marketing and Higher Education Newsletter.Expert: Eugene Cantera - 3/17/2008 Questionwanting to date my great grandfathers al To sax he played it in the ww1 army band.his last name was is a wurlitzer american usa serial# 156017 IT ALSO HAS LOW PITCH ON THE HORN Answer I found the following thread online: W90 E-flat, 14 keys, attributed to Martin, Elkhart, marked Wurlitzer, Cincinnati, Ohio, ca. 145126 This number is close to yours so I imagine we're in the ballpark (crica).

The horn very well could have been made during the first war and grandad may indeed have played it when the US joined the effort around 1917.If I were a betting am though, I'd say the horn was probably made and played sometime after the 1st world war.


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