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Since then, though, the source says the two have been inseparable, with Marvin flying Imani out for various concert dates and preaching engagements.

Warren Sapp told police he paid 0 for oral sex from 2 prostitutes ... Sapp was arrested on Feb 2 in Phoenix for soliciting prostitution following an alleged incident at a hotel.

and recorded one of the sex acts on his cell phone ... According to the police report, Sapp claims the whole situation came to be ...

“Basketball Wives LA” star Imani Showalter took a long break from the dating scene after calling it quits with ex-fiancé and NBA star Stephen Jackson, but it seems she was just waiting for God to lead her to the right man.

A source has told Hip that Imani has managed to snag Grammy-nominated gospel singer Marvin Sapp and the two could be on their way down the aisle.

According to the report, the women went to the room and began dancing for Sapp -- who threw 0 bills at them. For some reason, cops say he SHOWED them the video. cops claim Sapp told investigators that the 23-year-old began asking for more cash for sex -- and that's when things started to unravel.At one point, Sapp says he received oral sex from the 23-year-old ... Sapp told cops he refused to pay more cash for sex -- and says the woman became "irate" and spit in his face.


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