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Prosecutor Angus Mc Donald said the conversations were sexual in nature.Mr Mc Donald said: "The defendant played the role of master, the complainant that of his slave.Sentencing Garth, of Heaton Drive, Baildon, to four and a half years imprisonment with an extended licence on release of four and a half years, Judge Durham Hall told him: "You wanted that boy as a slave, to be trained to perform like some animal for your sexual perversion." The court heard that since the offences the victim had become reclusive and had made two suicide attempts.Judge Durham Hall said the defendant had manipulated, controlled, abused and used the boy "in this most wicked fashion," despite knowing the damage it caused, from his own experiences.The court heard Garth had "relentlessly" exchanged messages with the boy, over a period of a year, through Skype.Many of the messages were typed, but some were visual on a live webcam.Garth tried to arrange to meet the boy for sex, and offered cash for him to do so, but no meeting took place.On one occasion another man was added to the conversation between Garth and the boy, with the intention that he would become the boy's new 'master.' Mr Mc Donald said the contact ended soon after Garth threatened to tell the boy's friends he was homosexual if he did not do what he asked.


Bradford Crown Court heard yesterday that Garth had himself been sexually abused which had corrupted him.But Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC found the defendant was dangerous and there was a high risk he could cause serious sexual harm to children in the future.


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