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explains a bit more about how it works, noting that right now the organization is comprised of 10 volunteers who actually handle the masturbation.They come from “varied backgrounds,” the site states, adding that “some are gay, some are straight, some are disabled, some are Ph D students, some are social campaigners and some work in the media.” The volunteers “only use their hands for second-base kind of stuff — that hugging, caressing, and kissing on the face are all fine, but anything penetrative,” like oral sex and vaginal sex isn’t.If accepted, the party is limited to three sessions.The group was started by a 50-year-old man identified only as “Vincent,” who had lost his legs due to polio, an incident that allowed him to more closely empathize with the needs of the severely disabled.Also, there was this comment from Andy, one of the people that the organization helped.


Hand Angels seeks to bridge that gap with a service that specializes in masturbation for those who are in no position to do it themselves.

Just ask yourself: do you need to consult your parents before having sex?

They work with the patient to determine the time and place and provide transport as needed.

They don’t take people with mental disabilities and go through an advanced screening process to determine the level of ailment before agreeing to someone with a physical disability.

Vincent has heard all the jokes, and he is aware of the level of discomfort that societies might have with a masturbation charity, but he also points out that “disabled people share the same physical and emotional needs as any others, and therefore should have the right to pursue them.” I’ll admit that when I initially heard about Hand Angels, my mind almost automatically launched into a plethora of headline-worthy jokes and puns.

But pausing for a moment and thinking about the plight of what someone suffering from a physical disability goes through — limited mobility and socialization — made me shut the third-grade stuff out of my head.


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