Matty scam internet dating

Once they've hooked you, the requests for money start.If you're suspicious, Nofziger has some suggestions on how to find out if your potential match is actually part of an online dating scam.Perform a Google Image search on the person's photo.Fraudsters often use profiles stolen off the Web from modeling agencies or military sites."Doing the Google search for the scammer lets you know if the photo actually originated from one of these sites, and isn't the actual photo of the suitor," Nofziger says.Valentine's Day celebrates couples and togetherness, making this time of year difficult for the unattached.Yet, according to the most recent census figures, 44% of American adults are single.


But, it's not as effective as everyone would like it to be.

They are hard to identify until the relationship has gone on for a period of time, he says.


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    The world nowadays, is a smaller place than ever, thanks to the internet and the high speed connections we can now how with the entire world.

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