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Italian socialite who, in 1972, married Maurizio Gucci, the grandson of the founder of the Gucci fashion dynasty. During that year, Patrizia had a brain tumor removed.When her ex-husband was murdered in Milan, 3/27/1995, their two daughters, Alessandra, 18 and Allegra, 14, stood to inherit his 0 million fortune.In 1985 Maurizio abruptly dumped Patrizia, packing his bags and leaving one day with no preliminary warning.They agreed that she would receive 0,000 a month to cover expenses, but, Patrizia complained, on some months he only came up with ,000 or less, "the bones, but not the chicken." Having to worry about money was not commensurate with her social position, plus she fretted over the loss of the family yacht.She further said that when her friend, Auriemma, told her that the killing had been arranged by people who wanted 0,000, she was glad to pay the fee to have her life made less complicated.However, Auriemma, also on trial, said that the fee was paid for the arranged hit, for which she found Ivano Savioni, 42, a hotel porter, to commission a hit-man.


As a suspect in Gucci's murder, Patrizia acknowledged that she had often voiced her desire to have him killed, even that she had to do it with her own two hands, but she defended herself that it was nothing more than a harmless obsession.

At her trial, which began in May 1998, the prosecutor Carlo Nocerino argued that Patrizia had engaged her longtime confidante, Pina Auriemma to hire a hit man.


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