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So to avoid that, we can turn off the viewport while the code is running.# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Imports # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- from functools import wraps from maya import cmds from maya import mel # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Decorators # ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- def viewport Off( func ): """ Decorator - turn off Maya display while func is running. """ @wraps(func) def wrap( *args, **kwargs ): # Turn $g Main Pane Off: mel.eval("pane Layout -e -manage false $g Main Pane") # Decorator will try/except running the function.This repeats for all animated channels until we reach the last animation frame.Exporting this way causes Maya's viewport to update each frame.But, here came our biggest problems's 7 day until our project is due.


# But it will always turn on the viewport at the end.

# In case the function failed, it will prevent leaving maya viewport off.

When running a process that loops through the scene frames, like bake animation or export geo, Maya will update the viewport per frame.

This update is redundant and will slow the process down.

I am able to export per frame object data from Maya 2015 using a custom File Translator.When I export animation from a scene my exporter moves the time slider along each frame and writes out the new values (such as position) for the channels that are animated.


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