Mayra dating

Not guilty: Mayra was acquitted of murder in 2011 after evidence concluded that the boy had multiple injuries to his skull that were not indicative of being smothered.Her sister Jaime was later found guilty Since then, Mayra has embarked on a grueling endeavor to lose weight with the help of diet, exercise and surgery, so she can be fit enough to adopt and look after her sister's three surviving children.Juan Pablo has whittled the women down to The Final Four, Andi Dorfman, Clare Crawley, Renee Oteri, and Nikki Ferrell.In previous seasons of The Bachelor, ABC has always worked hard to try and keep the winner a secret until the season finale of the reality show airs.


Season 18 of The Bachelor is beginning to look like a complete hoax this year.

Aside from all of the drama, Juan Pablo’s racial comments, Elisa Mosca’s video scandal, potential nude photos of Juan Pablo, and all of the other crazy headlines, it is beginning to look like Juan Pablo doesn’t even fall in love.

So, naturally The Bachelor and the woman he chooses, don’t go out in public together.

If we saw Juan Pablo out to dinner with Clare Crawley this week, then we would obviously assume that she won Season 18 of The Bachelor.

Or, he did choose a winner of Season 18 of The Bachelor, and they have already broken up (shortest engagement ever), so now he is dating Mayra Veronica.There is the possibility that Juan Pablo is pulling a genius move and pretending to date other women so that fans will be shocked during the season finale when he asks one of the bachelorettes to marry him, but let’s be real Juan Pablo isn’t much of a genius. Has Juan Pablo already dumped the winner of Season 18 of The Bachelor?


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