Mediamonkey error updating database

This add-on works with Media Monkey v2.x or higher.It lets you create new tree nodes using masks which are loosely based on the way that Auto-organize works.

Latest freely available version of the add-on There is also the new enhanced version that is available only to donors.There are 370 already predefined masks, for example: artist grouped by first letter [A]-[Z], albums sorted by year, playing statistics, album ratings, random tracks, ...Magic Nodes add-on is based on the 1.3b version of the script by Pablo Shmerkin, but it is almost completely rewritten and drastically improved.Here is some excerpt about this script from his site: "Media Monkey is the best jukebox/music organizer around.

Magic Nodes, a script designed to work with Media Monkey 2.3 and up (some features work only in Media Monkey 2.4 and up), extends its capabilities even further.

the Split by qualifier is applied first, then the each resulting part of the string is parsed using Left/Right of qualifiers (if they are specified).


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