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Most of the instruments we know today have medieval ancestors.Over the years these instruments have changed to a greater or lesser extent with the result that some - like the medieval fiddle - are easily recognisable, while others like the ancestor of the modern piano are not.There were basically two types of strings used on medieval and Tudor instruments, and the type chosen depended on how they were to be used.Most instruments had catgut strings - that is, strings made from the wound intestines of sheep.

Another way is carve out a bowl from a solid block of wood and then attach a soundboard.

The strings must then be connected in some way to the soundboard, sometimes by means of a bridge or otherwise, as in the case of the harp, by being directly attached at one end of the length of the string.

As well as these basic types, strings made of silk or horsehair were also known.

The strings for instruments were very expensive and there are records of minstrels being paid in strings for performance.

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