Men dating younger women live longer girlfriend dating dates rush limbaugh


It goes on to say that men benefit from having younger women rear the children and put food on the table. Twenty percent is a lot, as is an age difference of 15-17 years, so we have to look at this study carefully to know whether men are maybe doing the right thing when going after trophies rather than contemporaries.

The idea that a much younger spouse would benefit someone makes a lot of sense.

This could be a good sign for cougars if they walk down the aisle with one of their young pups.

But the reality of the situation is that while a few more years might be extended to one's life, marrying someone who is 15-17 years younger means a lot less time to be together.

And if it's 15 or 20 years, the heads definitely start turning and the eyes rolling.

Read: How To Become A Kept Woman Many silently (or publicly) judge these couples—assuming that they are usually searching for something other than love.

Study shows that men with much younger wives live longer. We all know many men are turned on by younger women. So when a few, or even several, years separate a loving couple, no one really bats an eye.

When that age difference creeps closer to 10 years, however, a few minds might wonder what they have in common.


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