Michael phelps dating caroline pal ddf definition dating

The other swims for glory (and lots of money in endorsements). Nicole Johnson lover Michael Phelps (right) has to be the favorite going into this critical showdown (based on his eight gold medals to his opponent's failed Nashville Star appearance), but don't count Miley Cyrus' boy toy Justin Gaston out!The Olympic gold medalist has been dating 25-year-old Megan Rossee, a bottle server at Blok nightclub in Hollywood. Michael Phelps arrived at his mom’s Thanksgiving celebration with his new girlfriend – a tattooed strip-club waitress who has bared her chest for photographers almost as many times as the Olympic swimming star.There was no word on how his 57-year-old school-marm mother reacted to Caroline “Caz” Pal – and the prospect that she may some day dive into the family gene pool.Pal, 26, has posed for photos taken for risqué Web sites, in cluding “Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos.” Her My Space page greets visitors with the welcome: “Baby, let me upgrade you.” Phelps’ mom, Debbie, for her part, has spent 30 years teaching middle-school kids.Her support for her 23-year-old son earned her the title “Official Mom of the Olympic Games.” Phelps, who’s betting that the two very different women in his life will hit it off, is spending his time working on his gambling skills.It was her first visit to the Phelps family home in Baltimore since the Olympian struck gold with her two months ago in Las Vegas, where she works at the Palms Casino, according to People magazine.


The pair has been serious since January and kept their relationship under wraps while Michael was preparing to become the greatest Olympian ever at the 2012 Olympics.“Michael and Megan have been an item since January,” a source said.



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