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I cannot believe that you would put this shame on such a good person.He is a little hoe, but I know Vick and I know he is the type of person that would have told someone if he had something.Much lovereguardless of if he gave her herpes or not---he got it from somewhere and so did the female who gave it to him. i think it's a fact of life and it was a risk she took to let him rub on her with no rubber and she liked it then--until like Red said he didn't want her no more and he signed the deal and she wants them dollars. So I just feel that we as woman have to protect ourselfs. But men our weak because you can date them and the first thing they try to do and I men try is to go in the raw. If they are trying to do that with you that is how they roll. I love you to much to hear people talk about you like that. Thats why the colts got beat by dallas you dump f*&K! One thing that I know to every lie there is some truth.I don't think that it is fair to start a rumor that is very untrue.For me not to know Michael Vick as well as alot of folks, I still don't believe he's gay.The guy is right you waited until he signed that contract and than decided to sue. Vick if you do read this you should know who this is speaking on your behalf. All you Atlana fans remember the Cincinnati Bengals.

If any haters really wanna know how i feel, please feel free to email me at On Behalf og the Lady that has brought shame to Michael Vick, you need to quit how do anybody know that you didn't sleep with anybody else. What you need to do is relive yo past and find out who gave you that little nasty ass disease cause i know that it wasn't Michael Vick. I dont appreciate Elliot stating that Vick gave her genital herpes.I mean look how long it was before you realized that you had Genital Herpes. You waited until the man signed for the 130 million dollars then all of a sudden you wanna sue the the man. I dated Vick in 2002-2003 and I get checked every year and not one time has my pap ever come back with an STD.reports that they've been receiving many inquiries about it.Update (May 7, 2004): As this rumor has continued to spread via the internet, Michael Vick felt compelled to call into a radio show in an effort to end the gossip.


A link to this story alleging that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has declared himself gay has been spreading around via email. After all, it's a Global Associated News story (Global Associated News being a website that allows you to create your own fake news stories).But it looks real enough to have been convincing quite a few people.



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    In 2004, he caught 95 passes for 9 touchdowns and 1,274 yards, including 117 receiving yards in a 58-48 win against the Cleveland Browns.

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