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Welcome to Daily Entertainment We feed the hunger for pop culture content, covering Entertainment and celebrity breaking News, Hollywood Rumors, gossip, fashion, sports, wags, celebs photos, videos, wikis and bios.Sydney and Justin Simpson the children of late Nicole Brown and former football player, broadcaster, actor turned convicted felon.


That 21 percent increase is a measure of liberal guilt being dumped. They met while Simpson was still married to his first wife, Brown worked as a waitress in a nightclub. After their mother died and their father was under arrest, Brown’s parents, Juditha Anne and Louis Hezekiel Brown were given temporary guardianship of Justin and Sydney.

Overall, 66 percent of Americans said Simpson was guilty 20 years ago. #2 Half siblings Sydney and Justin have two other half siblings from their father’s first marriage to Marguerite L. #4 They don’t talk about mother’s murder According to their aunt, Tanya Brown, she has never discussed their mother’s murder with the pair.

It’s been 20-years today since the slaying of Nicole Brown and according to a newly released CNN/ORC International poll finds a majority of black Americans, 53 percent, say Simpson was guilty. They have both managed to live a relatively private life.

The percentage of whites who say Simpson was guilty has also jumped, from 68 percent to 89 percent. #1 Parents marriage Their parents were married from 1985 till 1992. Simpson born in 1970 and Aaren Lashone Simpson born in, 1977. #3 Mother’s death Justin and Sydney Simpson were just five and eight respectively, when their mother was murdered at her Los Angeles home on June 12, 1994.

#7 Khloe Kardashian When reports surfaced about Khloe possibly being the daughter of O.

J Simpson Sydney went allegedly berserk saying “Khloe makes me sick!



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