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For more information on our attorneys’ backgrounds and accomplishments, please follow these links to their individual profiles.When you are dealing with a distressing family law issue, such as divorce, you can rely on The Law Offices of Jennifer Courtney & Associates, P. for sound legal advice and determined representation in pursuit of your goals. has devoted her career exclusively to family law, building a reputable practice that combines compassionate client care with skilled and aggressive trial advocacy.We are determined to give you the sound, sensible legal advice you need to arrive in a better place financially and emotionally. Our practice handles all areas of family law including divorce, custody and visitation, adoption and child support. is dedicated to personal service in concentrated areas of the practice of law.We offer personalized legal counsel that focuses on your unique circumstances, and a hands-on process that identifies your specific goals, which we pursue vigorously to deliver the best possible result.When you choose our firm, you work closely with an attorney who is: We strive for excellence in every case we undertake.When you face a divorce, child custody/visitation dispute, or any other family law challenge in the Bucks County, Pennsylvania, area, we can put our wealth of knowledge and decades of experience to work for you.

Since each choice you make has ramifications, we want you to have realistic expectations about probable outcomes for every issue we must resolve.

We assist you with an in-depth cost-benefit analysis for each of your legal options, thoroughly exploring your best and worst case scenarios and everything in between.

We know that each client is different; each faces unique challenges and has specific goals for life after divorce.

We spend a good deal of time educating clients, which involves much more than simply a recitation of the law and an introduction to the legal process.


We are driven to assist clients in crisis and place them on a firm foundation for the next phase of their lives.

If you come to see us about a divorce, our first task is to listen, understand and demonstrate that we truly care.



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