Mila kunis dating culkin

Being a celeb, I suspect that you eventually get used to paparazzi and fans being all up in your face 24/7.Apparently, though, there are distinctly different calibers of celebrity, and certain fans are…shall we say…a bit more shipper dreams by marrying Ashton Kutcher (aka, Kelso), Mila dated Macaulay for nearly nine years, starting in 2002 — meaning she dated him from ages 18 to 27, a seriously impressive length of time for her first serious relationship.Mila Kunis has spoken about the difficulties of dating someone as famous as Macaulay Culkin, describing the reaction fans had to him as “abnormal”.Kunis and Culkin began dating in 2002 when the pair were both 18-years-old.Before dating Mila, Macaulay had actually been married to another actress, Rachel Miner, for four years.before they even started dating, it’s not too surprising that this was the case.

Proving that life imitates art, Kunis said their relationship began soon after she finished her film “If we just paid attention to these movies we should know that sh*t like this does not work out in real life,” the 32-year old said.

“Well, we clearly didn’t pay attention and we shook hands like ‘Let’s just have fun’ and literally we lived out our movies.” After rekindling their teenage friendship at an awards show, the Kunis explained she and her husband sought to keep their relationship casual at the beginning given she had not long split with Culkin and Kutcher was recently separated from his wife of six years, Demi Moore.


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