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As an extrovert, I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building new friendships, but starting from scratch was still hard. Read More » It’s been forever since the last Five Things Friday! When I moved to this city five years ago, I was newly engaged, diving into my fiancé’s existing network of friends and church family in Hoboken.Here’s what I’ve been loving over the past few weeks: 5 Memories Made in October Longtime friends Ryan and Katherine got married in Princeton, NJ. Seven hundred miles away, I left behind an amazing community of friends and a church I loved.I am a friend collector – the kind of person who maintains a few friendships from each stage of life: childhood, high school, college, and former cities where I lived.Social media allows me to have a touch point with many of these people, and most of these friends are the ... I finally hosted some girl friends for brunch (I wish my apt was bigger so I could host more! 5 Things Around the Web In Praise of Everyday Theologians by Sarah Bessy (a sneak peak from Out of Sorts) Buying begets buying… Read More » This week I’m guest posting over at the Hoboken Grace blog as a part of our Circles series about creating community.I told you how I had carefully laid plans, and but how I was learning to let them go.


Dearest 29 and 30 year old Erika, You set one intention beyond all others last year, and that was to practice presence.You came out of 2014 emotionally bruised and battered and exhausted by all the expectations you had for the year that refused to come to fruition.I asked myself what the next right thing was instead of revising my five year plan.You may have noticed things have gotten a bit quieter around the blog this fall, and in part ...

Read More » “We need to catch up soon.” This is the refrain of the harried New Yorker, and of most of my twenty and thirty-something friends.A few weeks ago, The Atlantic published an article about this very thing, and since then I have been pondering the state of my adult friendships.


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    I'm not sure why you're looking for someone that's pleasing themselves on camera when they look just like you. I sent my photo into the site's webform to see if I had any exhibitionist clones out there. No-one looked anything like me, and I'm not being subjective -- or at least don't think I am.

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    And Selena, who has said that she's single, probably has way more important things to worry about than who "sources" say she's dating, or who's posting cryptic Instagrams, allegedly about her.

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    I respect all religion and religious/spiritual philosophy I am not limited to or by any.

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