Miley cyrus dating a jonas brother

In a new essay published in New York magazine, Jonas talks about trying marijuana with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato, losing his virginity and the pressures of being a teen sensation. “I had to shave every day because they wanted me to pretend like I was 16 when I was 20,” Jonas writes.

So you got all this responsibility that’s foisted upon you and you’re expected to be perfect.” The Jonas Brothers became superstars seemingly overnight in 2007.

" Nick is currently dating former Miss USA Olivia Culpo, 22. Stand by your ladies in the comments and tweet #ETnow.

Following the breakup of the Jonas Brothers, Joe Jonas is opening up about his experience with the band, with Disney and growing up in the spotlight. But the clean-cut image that made them famous began to wear on the three brothers after a while.

The star eventually answered, "I'd probably say Selena lips and Miley [leave], although I've got love for Miley.

Then there are those promise rings everyone was always talking about: “The topic that dominated news coverage of us for a long time was the whole promise-ring thing. It started when I was really young—I must have been 10 or 11.

There’s a program people do in some churches called True Love Waits, where you wait for marriage to have sex. Fast-forward a few years, we’ve started playing music and we’re working with Disney and we have these rings.

That’s the thing: We didn’t know any better, and we just wanted to make people happy. But I was in another country, and it was legal there. I was unconscious that time, and my whole team was scared to death that somebody was going to get a picture.

Now I know that I don’t have to answer any questions I don’t want to. Now I appreciate wine or a vodka-soda at the end of the day every once in a while.” Jonas goes on about Lovato, whom he dated for a month, while she was struggling with substance abuse problems.

Nick Jonas agreed to play "Lips, Marry Leave" -- also known as "F**k, Marry, Kill"-- and his answers as to who'd he'd marry and leave when given the options of Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus may surprise you.

When asked which of his exes he'd rather kiss, Selena or Miley, the 22-year-old pondered, "I dated both of them at some point in time, which makes this a little more uncomfortable." VIDEO: How Nick Jonas Got His Insane 'Hulk-ish' Body: 4,200 Calories a Day!


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