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Hyun Seong wants to be the type of boyfriend who has a nice heart and understanding91.Youngmin said that it’s really hard to wake him up, he even sleep while standing88.According to Donghyun, Youngmin does things very slow so everyone has to wait for him all the time89. Sometimes nice and sometimes can be out of the odds too90.



Boyfriend goal is to get this year “Rookie Award”47. Boyfriend wear group rings, not just the Jo twins49. Trainees TNT and Yunho were switched with Hyunsung and Jungmin in the group59. Minwoo got a cute image even though he wanted a cool one61. In the practice room, Boyfriend members would sit and practice cute poses until they get high blood pressure82.

Kwangmin sit in a mermaid style since he was young and still does now50. Jungmin had only watched the “Goblet of Fire” out of the Harry Potter series52. Donghyun usually go back to his own house instead of staying at their dorm83.



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