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This one, run by Teleperformance, a multinational based in France, expects to get about 100 walk-in job applicants a day.

Yet Manila’s call centres do not just need monied youngsters. Were there no call centres in the Philippines, there would be many fewer middle-class people, and hence fewer shopping centres.

Seldom has any country been so transformed by one industry as the Philippines has by call centres.

The first “businessprocess outsourcing” jobs appeared in the 1990s: the term covers tasks from answering phones to processing invoices and animating TV shows, mostly for rich-world firms and governments.

WHETHER in Nairobi or Albuquerque, a shopping centre is not really a shopping centre unless it has at least two anchor tenants.

These can be department stores, cinemas or bookshops—anything that will fill a large space and lure customers past smaller boutiques.


Yet the Philippines is also, probably, the end of the line.New technologies are poised to abolish many call-centre jobs and transform others.


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