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The girl in the video appears to be very drunk, with her head lolling to the side. I've never seen free porn like this," one of the boys can be heard saying.The boy on top of her is aware the incident is being recorded. In the background, a girl tries to take his phone away but he says: "F*** off b****. " Another boy can be heard saying he wouldn't have a girlfriend who goes to such parties, "because you see what happens to them".Another comments that he wishes there were some condoms around so he could have sex with her too. "I want to stick it onto Facebook and call it the Abrahamsrust Fest b****." Throughout the clip, the girl does not appear to know what is happening.This week, The Star tracked down Mpho* (not her real name) - the girl in the footage - to her Sedibeng home.It's 2pm and it's clear she has been sleeping on the couch. Mpho at first denies that she is the person in the video, but then the tears come and she hides her face in her hands.It was a Saturday and she went with her friends to the big party in Abrahamsrust.In three separate videos, two of which are in The Star's possession, drunk teenage girls are filmed stripping naked or having sex in public places.


During the world cup 2010 people admired the beautiful shapes of the South African women.

Respect them in the South African chat room, and you will be rewarded.


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    By 2012, his single "Shot Caller" would be one of the most added tracks on urban contemporary radio in the country.

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    Anyway, the old premise of having a credit card meaning you're over 18 is not required for general site content as we check all the non member images.

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    Cameltoe close up and manipulate me I respect everyone as all boys tha want fuck me hardly.

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    But as they say, practice makes perfect: the more you participate in free adult chat rooms, the more you'll learn how to "dirty talk" and become an expert.

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