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Once the people designated to live in the garden suite move out, it may be possible to apply to the municipality for another family member meeting the criteria to move in. They can be barrier-free and should be easy to maintain.

Garden suites are an affordable housing option for family members requiring some level of care, but who also want to maintain independence.

A garden suite — sometimes called a granny flat — is a self-contained dwelling without a basement.

It is installed in the rear or side yard of a lot with an existing, permanent, single-family house.

Where municipalities allow garden suites to be rented, they can provide income for the owner of the principle dwelling, and an affordable housing option for the community.

Garden suites: In Canada, typically, garden suites are owned and installed by the owner of the permanent home on the property where the suite is located.


Some municipalities require the occupants of one of the two dwellings to be the owner of the property, some expressly prohibit the rental or lease of the property, and some require the occupant of the Garden Suite to be a relative or a caregiver of the host family.Municipalities regulate the use and location of Garden Suites, typically through their zoning by-law.


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