Moblie cam to cam


Android 4.0 is supposed to support USB host, allowing it to run external devices. Here's my situation: I'm an energy auditor / homre performance consultant.I assume drivers would be needed and software created. I'm surprised no one even replies to this question. I want to buy a cheap borescope (device that allows you to see into small openings) that just has a USB output, and display the real-time video on a smartphone (and possibly capture still shots or video as well).Picture a phone attached to the handlebar of a mountain bike with the webcam remotely located at various places on the bike.Helmet cams are available but all have serious flaws.The resolution is not real high on these things, like 320x240.I want to do this without adding to the number of display devices (and memory cards) in my toolkit.


I already pull out memory cards from my dig camera AND my infrared camera to copy jpgs to my PC.

(a 00 IR camera upgrade would fix that, but I lack the funds) Instead of getting an expensive borescope with its own display, I want to route it into a smartphone.


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