Moc 6416 updating network infrastructure active

This personal, hands-on approach will give you a stimulating, unique, and effective learning environment.


Please find below a list of all the courses available in our Dublin Mentored Learning Classroom.

Windows Server 2008 courses include extensive hands-on training in all areas of server deployment and maintenance.

Whether your goal is to upgrade your skills, upgrade your current Microsoft certifications or gain specific product knowledge, our education advisors are here to help you customize a program that fits you needs.

As the most recent Windows Server 2008 certification, the MCSA: Windows Server 2008 provides the foundation for your professional career, and is one option for the first level of the most recent Microsoft certifications focusing on Cloud technologies, leading to the MCSE and MCSM.

Here is a list of the most popular classes available for Mentored Learning.

As you progress and learn, a professional New Horizons instructor is at your side to answer questions, provide tailored instruction, or coach you through the course work that you can schedule around your day.


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