Modi sex chats

“We have done a lot in the last 50 years, but now we have to decide what we want the next fifty years to be like.


” he said, adding, “We should resolve to ensure that no one in our villages has to go in the open to defecate.” The prime minister also spoke of the need to ensure peace and resolve to be united and spread the feeling of brotherhood.

The state in the last one year was hit by the Jat quota stir and gau raksha controversy.

Today, I can say with satisfaction that the people of Haryana have respected this sentiment.

Today, in the entire country, if anyone is bringing improvement in the gender ratio at a fast pace, it is Haryana.” “In this Swarna Jayanti, every Haryanvi should take a resolution that no effort will be spared in the matter of saving the girl child,” he added.


Modi went further and spoke of how open defecation affected women.“Even today, our mothers and daughters in villages have to defecate in the open, what is more shameful than that?


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