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Single moms find here dating and relationship advice, tips on how to live on a budget, how to eat and live healthy and valuable parenting advice.Single mothers also find here help, tips and resources on financial aid for education, scholarships, grants, loans, information on support with basic necessities, affordable housing, assistance and health care, child care, child support and legal information, and many more.Read More »With the goal to help those in need, including single moms and their children, food stamps, now called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), began in the United States in the late 1930's to help people buy and eat ...Read More »Single moms can get free or low-cost health insurance for their children up to age 19 with the help of the Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) Plan.

Their father and I had many years ahead of us to co-parent. Read More »Single moms can get affordable health care coverage for their uninsured children with the help of the federal and state funded health insurance program, New Jersey Family Care (NJFC). The program pays medical bills with Federal and state funds and is administered by the ...Read More »The Minnesota Family Investment Program (MFIP) represents the state’s welfare reform program for low-income single moms with children.MFIP aids families by helping them move in to work. Read More »Nursing Student Loans is a program that makes funds available to eligible accredited U. schools of nursing, which match at least one ninth of the funding, and use the funds to establish revolving funds that support long-term, ...Services include medical, eyeglasses, dental, and other related services. Read More »You know that connection people are always talking about when it comes to dating and relationships?

Maybe you’ve even felt it before and if so, how did you get there? By lazy, I mean I don't put in the real effort required to make online dating work. I have a lot of other things on my plate and to be completely honest, I love how my life is going as of now. The reality is if you want to succeed with online dating, you've got to go out with a plethora of frogs to meet any potential partner, and right now, I have taken a slight back seat to swiping left and right and mindlessly texting guys who I will probably never meet.


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