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William Moorcroft came to work for Mac Intyre in 1897 and became the chief designer in 1898.

Soon most of our stock had been converted to Moorcroft Pottery and our own collection had started to grow.With pieces from all periods , from the very Early William Florian pieces made at the Mac Intyre Factory through to Walter's designs in the 1950’s and 1960’s, our stock grew and we soon became specialists and official retailers of new Moorcroft Pottery, we opened our first shop in the Georgian Village, Camden Passage in 1989, until recently we were at TOWN HALL ANTIQUES in WOBURN, Beds and are now situated NORTH YORKSHIREOver the years we have developed a good, strong and reliable reputation with dealers and collectors alike worldwide. Please purchase with confidence as we are a dealer with a fine pedigree.


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