Movie dating therapist son

She terminates one session prematurely, secretly sheds some tears during the therapeutic hour, and changes her advice to Rafi completely.

Rafi talks about David's lovemaking, admirable details of his physique, even the size of his sexual organ, and his opinion of . Because she doesn't disclose this to Rafi for some time, Metzger finds herself in several difficult situations: trying to avoid David and Rafi running into each other near her home-office, trying to avoid being seen by the couple in a furniture store, and having to listen to details of her son's sex life.

As soon as she knows about the romance between her son and her client, Metzger becomes very nervous.

The therapist finds her own neurotic features leaking into the therapy and her personal needs clashing with her professional commitments.

In one scene the therapist, seeing her son's middle school picture displayed, jumps up in the middle of a session to turn it face down.

All is well until it dawns on Lisa Metzger that the young man in question is actually her own son.

Because his age has been lied about, she had no reason to guess this earlier.

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