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Meet fun and exciting Music Lovers & Musician dating singles who share your personal interests, and lifestyle preferences by utilizing our state of the art dating features, search, and communication tools.Hip Hop Match is the premier Music Lovers & Musician singles dating site online, and your official gateway site to the Friends Worldwide Dating Network, the most unique and effective dating network in the world.Music-based dating site is out with a new feature this month — right in time for V Day.Dubbed "Gig Roulette," the game is similar, in many ways, to mobile dating app Tinder.Then, one or both of you can send a message and head to the show together.Let's face it: Even if you're not someone who cares about that hearts 'n' roses mess known as Valentine's Day, the holiday still manages to linger in the air come February 14 like a particularly offensive cologne, making us all miserable and headachy.So, friends, why not mitigate that headache with music — and perhaps, a hot date?Become the newest member of our Music Lovers & Musicians community, and get VIP access to our vast network of members who are seeking love, romance, and friendship locally in your area, and worldwide.


They can then message users as one would on something like OKCupid or, or head over to Gig Roulette and give the digital date wheel a spin.When you click, you'll be presented with a possible match and a show that they want to hit up.


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