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In the early 2000s a budget version of the Sting Ray known as the S. This model was discontinued in 2007 due to rising production costs.


Later advancements on the Sting Ray included a 5-string version (the Sting Ray 5), which has a 3-way blade switch that allows the player to split the humbucking pickup's coils, and a unique truss-rod neck adjustment system that incorporated a Teflon washer which made it highly resistant to rust and corrosion and made adjusting the neck of a Sting Ray relatively easy. was produced, featuring a textured body finish and diamond plate pickguard.This dual-pickup version includes a 5-way switch, allowing the user to select different combinations of pickup coils and thus greatly increasing the diversity of available tones. B, more marketing emphasis was placed on licensed OLP budget versions of the Sting Ray 4, Stingray 5, Sting Ray 4 HH, and Sting Ray 5 HH.Along with its electronic improvements, the Sting Ray had physical attributes that set it apart from other Fender-inspired designs, such as a heavy satin finish on the back of the neck to allow players' hands to slide effortlessly up and down during play, a symmetrical egg-shaped pickguard ("the toilet seat lid") and separate chromed "boomerang" control plate, and its distinctive "3+1" headstock (on which three tuning machines are situated on the top and one on the bottom) made it an instantly recognizable and distinguishable instrument.Early models have through-body stringing at the bridge, which is fitted with adjustable string mutes.

Designed by Fender, Walker and Sterling Ball (Sterling was a beta tester for the instrument), the Sting Ray bass appeared in 1976 and, though physically similar to a Fender Precision Bass, was a highly innovative instrument.

It employed a "soapbar" humbucking pickup and an active pre-amp powered by a 9-volt battery.


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