Muslim dating rules


They are able to get to know people without their families around, but they do not have to be worried about being tempted sexually.

Then, when the two people decide to meet in person, they will have to do that in from of the family.

The rules of dating art strict and must be followed at all times.

Muslim singles cannot meet someone of the opposite sex alone.

Even Muslim singles that live in the Western world have to go about the dating process differently than people of other religions.

Unlike Americans or Europeans with Christian or Catholic religions, Muslim singles must adhere to the rules of dating.

Families have a great deal of involvement in dating and marriage.

It is very important for the family to like the person who is going to marry their children.


Instead of being ruled by hormones, two people are able to get to know one another.Many Muslim singles have turned to the internet for dating.Even if the two people are engaged and intend on marrying, they may not meet alone. They will in fact meet, but it will be under supervision.In most cases, the family will come along and supervise the date.


Because of that, they spend a great deal of time with the person while on dates. Some might say it is hard to get to know someone when under constant supervision.

The Muslim community says it actually helps people get to know one another.


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