My best friend is dating my ex boyfriend

As long as he treats you well and he'd take the relationship seriously, it isn't a problem.

Who knows, maybe the two of 'em are meant for each other? It takes patience when it comes to someone with an anxiety disorder.

If that's the case, then you're much better off without either of them in your life. Your best option is to be there for him and let it vent in the best way he can, even if it's a little slow for you.

There's no use telling her that he's only dating her to get back at you cuz by the sounds of it, you don't know that for sure. Soon enough he will probably just break up with your BFF. Sounds like you've got a big problem on your hands - especially now that your BFF and you are gonna see him a lot. he/she should be someone with whom you can be you and you don't have to act like someone else.

You're just assuming that he's still crazy about you, when he more than likely just got tired of chasing you around. Username: Anonymous Deal with it and somehow do something you know he likes right in front of him and that will make him want you more. When it comes to things like that, you must keep in mind that asking if he's alright is okay. Don't push and rush him to talk things out, it'll only flare up the anxiety.


I'm afraid if I tell her, she'll say I just want to make her mad (and I don't.) Should I tell her? Username: Anonymous If your friend is aware of it, then why is she going out with him...

NYdiva4life So your cheating ex-boyfriend pursued you for months after you two broke up, but now he's dating your BFF? all you need to do is to find a boy that you like, not to make your ex jealous...

After four months of trying to get back with me, he gave up and is now dating my best friend. And if you think it's too hard to dump her, just think: would YOU go out with YOUR best friend's boyfriend, especially if he was a PLAYER?

My best friend knows that he's a player, but the one thing that she doesn't know is that he's only dating her to get back at me. Username: Anonymous Well if you know this guy is bad news, then inform your friend and if she doesn't believe, then try to keep an eye to see whether he changed or not because chances are he hasn't and when you or if you find out anything, try to get your friend to believe so that way she doesn't get hurt and you two continue to stay friends.

It could be difficult for him to talk it out or say face-to-face.

You could also help keep him calm like the other user recommended (ice cream, a movie, a walk somewhere quiet, ect. It's more than acceptable to have a crush and not be ready for a relationship. I'm actually older than my own boyfriend by a good, 6 months or so.


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