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For the first time ever, the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner will be held in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 21. audiences with her win on "DWTS" spoke to FOX411 about her positive outlook, her long distance relationship and her father's impact on her life. Bindi Irwin: Yes, we've had a few of them back in Australia but it seemed the perfect time to bring it to the States. [Our] dear friends from all over America will be there to celebrate Dad's legacy and fundraise for Wildlife Warriors.

Is Bindi Irwin’s boyfriend a 24-year-old named Luke Reavley?

Steve Irwin’s daughter is now 16 years old, and it’s claimed the Irwin family’s executive assistant is getting a little too close for comfort.

A spokeswoman for Australia Zoo denies the allegations created by “He works closely with Bindi, (but) they’re not in a relationship and he’s not actually a zookeeper.


Is Bindi Irwin One Of The Greatest 'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants EVER? Chandler is still Bindi's boyfriend and Derek is very much a friend who left Australia last week to head home after spending a couple of days checking out Australia Zoo," the spokesperson said.

Regardless of the rumors, Irwin did recently admit that she misses being with Hough in interview.

But is this just another round of horrible gossip created by the rumor mill?

In a related report by , a source claims, “He was being very protective towards her and looked at her with such adoration.” They also shopped and had lunch together in Byron Bay.

The report went one step further and claimed Luke was Bindi’s boyfriend: is apparently twisting good-natured friendship into a scandal.Reavley has been working with Australia Zoo since 2007 and he was previously the head of the elephants department before becoming Terri Irwin’s assistant.


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