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The best part of it all is that I feel in control of my emotions. I never understood or even believed people when they said that, but I’m now realizing that it’s v real. and the future people you swipe right to on Tinder are not better than the last.

I’ve just had a great vacation in a family-friendly holiday village in the south of Turkey, and I had a blast. And I definitely believed them when they said you can’t really know what it is like until you experience it yourself, the good and the bad. Do the publications that published these posts accept posts from non-mom writers that did their research?

He’s SUCH an emotional provider and mentally I feel so rich!

We’ve spoken every night on the phone and I can only foresee a positive outcome between us.

The chemistry is undeniable and the level of trust and respect is just… So far this guy (pseudonym TBD) has made me feel SO loved and desired.

which is so incredibly flattering to hear because truth told, I felt/feel the SAME WAY. I am not low-key freaking out to my friends whether I should text him back… I always heard people say that when they met their partner they just knew. as you’ve read about firsthand, this hasn’t been easy for me (and it still by no means is). And thats okay because sometimes you don’t really know how good something is until you’ve experienced falling flat on your face. I know first hand that the grass is not greener on the other side… Sure, the crying and the whining was a bit much sometimes, but overall, it was cuteness overload. Or did they only publish writers with first-hand experience?


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